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Information System
for effective fleet management

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About eTran Manager®

The eTran Manager® information system comprehensively covers the processes for efficient fleet management (cars, trucks, special vehicles, heavy construction and mining equipment ...).

This is a corporate-class management information system that combines all the necessary financial, technical and administrative information, as well as powerful tools for analysis and planning.

Key features of eTran Manager®

The eTran Manager® information system meets the high requirements typical for the corporate environment:

Corporate information system

Covers the requirements for the work in large, territorially distributed organizational structures with a large, diverse fleet and numerous employees.

Easy to use

Easy operation, intuitive user interface, user-friendliness of the system in a familiar Windows environment.

Open model, adaptability

Great opportunities for settings of operating, technological environment and of the operational characteristics of the information system.

Security and reliability

High security, reliable operation with large volumes of data, security, traceability of events and user actions with the possibility of audit.

Various reports

Opportunity for various reports and analyzes, according to the role and rights of users. Built-in report generators. Print and export reports in various formats.

Data exchange with other systems

Possibility for automated exchange with other information systems - GPS, ERP, HR and payroll, financial and accounting, systems of fuel suppliers, etc.

Application areas of eTran Manager®

The information system eTran Manager® is applicable in any organization with a large fleet.

It is especially useful in companies with a big branch structure - state and municipal administration, transport, forwarding companies, construction companies, electricity and water companies, hospitals, companies in the mining and mining industry, distribution companies, service organizations, corporate organizations with many branches in the country and a large car fleet.

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